Strategic Plan

Keeping in view the previous 16 years experiences of CMDO, the next five years strategic plan of CMDO is mainly focusing on increasing the organization’s capacities for further up-scaling and replication of its previous six programs activities in FATA/KP, start of new programs on climate change adaptation and conflict management, and encouraging further pro-active role of organization in policy research and advocacy sectors activities at provincial and national levels. CMDO in its future work would mainly act as a technical facilitation platform for increasing the self reliance capacities of its grass root communities’ institutions in FATA/KP Province. This strategic plan would provide a road map for shifting organization’s project driven work based approach towards introducing and implementing such long term thematic programs which coordinate and supplement to each others in pursuance of achieving the vision and objectives of CMDO.

In line with CMDO’s Areas of Work, the thematic programs in this strategic plan would not only expand, upscale, and replicate the outcomes of previously implemented successful activities but as well contribute heavily in the capacity building, networking, and future sustainability of CMDO’s grass root communities’ network/local civil society in the 7 intervened agencies of FATA and 12 districts of KP Province. CMDO would promote the principles of active citizenships among its grass root community networks by encouraging them for increasing their negotiation and lobbying skills with district/tehsil governments for more participatory governance structures at local and regional levels.

The strategic plan is also indentifying a way forward for achieving the long term financial sustainability of CMDO through expanding its institutional partnerships with public/corporate/civil society sectors and by establishing income generating projects on self help basis. The strategy is also encouraging organization’s resource/assets building and establishment of permanent secretariat of CMDO at Peshawar KP province. The strategic plan is encouraging increased knowledge management practices in CMDO by strengthening and increasing the work scope of its research, training, advocacy, evaluation/monitoring, and communication/publication sections. (CMDO Strategic Plan 2015-2020)