Senior Management

Faiz Muhammad Fayyaz (Chief Exective)

With an MBA degree in 1994 and articles in accounting and auditing the CEO of CMDO Mr. Faiz Muhammad Fayyaz brings considerable experience in nonprofit sector. He founded CMDO in 1998 and is since managing a multi-sectoral development programme in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) & Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa. He is also involved in the delivery of critical social services such as health and education and research. He is also managing a carefully designed and targeted education programme; working to expand education services through formal education programme for under age laborers and potential recruits for militancy. He is also involved in field testing of replicable models/paradigms for sustainable rural social development; public and NPO/NGO social development policy debate & advocacy. He established in 1997 the country’s first Campaign to Ban anti-personal Landmines the Pakistan Campaign to Ban Landmines (PCBL). He was ICBL official landmine campaigner and researcher for Pakistan under the auspices of 1997 Ottawa Mine Ban Convention, LMN – Landmine Monitor Network. In his early years he worked for 10 years in UN Mine Action Programme for Afghanistan (UNMAPA) on a number of managerial positions and gained hands on experience in planning, management, monitoring and evaluation etc. He has considerable international exposure; visited several important countries in South Asia, Far east, Europe, North America and Africa; attended and held briefings (including those in British parliament) meetings seminars workshops; and participated in peace missions.

Amjad Ali Afridi (Director System)

Amjad Ali Afridi has a law degree and is working in non profit sector since 1986. He is working as the head of Administration and Logistics in CMDO Since 2002. He member of the senior management and seconds the CEO in his absence. Before CMDO he worked in Administration and Logistic for UNOCH, UNOCHA, Mine clearance & Planning Agency. He was also a Associate researcher/ culture Advisor in Socio-linguistic Survey Project (US) from 1986 to 1989. He was involved in programme activities of the Project Mitigating Child Labour Through Education in Pakistan (MCLEP) and played a key role in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the project through diligent monitoring. Besides, Mr. Amjad Ali Afridi has remarkable analytical, negotiation and problem solving skills.

Syed Aamir Kamal (Program Director)

Syed Aamir Kamal is working in nonprofit sector since 1999. He is working as Programme Director and member of senior management in CMDO. Before CMDO he worked in many national / international organizations including WHO, USAID, World Vision and FATA secretariat as well. He was Donor Coordination Officer at World Health Organization. He also served as Grants Coordinator for FATA/KP in USAID. He was involved in programme activities of different projects. He was also Project Manager of WASH (World Vision). He is also playing a key role in FATA Development Plan (FDP) funded by GIZ. Mr. Aamir Kamal has momentous systematic and critical thinking abilities.