Conflict Management

Keeping in view of the fragile security environments and multiple level conflicts in FATA and adjoining KP Province, CMDO has planned to start a new conflict management program in its intervened districts and agencies. The core strategic objective of this program is to contribute in building a larger level coalition of tribal communities and civil society to work together on peace building and conflict management in the affected areas of FATA/KP. The program in its initial phase would further build on CMDO’s previous research and advocacy work on peace building and design further participatory research work on the identification of conflict management strategies for FATA/KP. The program would establish coordination mechanism with concerned government departments and security agencies in future implementation of program activities.

The other potential program activities would include establishing community led civilian peace keeping structures, early warning system on conflicts escalation, formation of peace groups, undertaking peace education activities, and organizing advocacy campaigns on the promotion of peace in the conflict affected regions in FATA/KP. The program would also explore opportunities to identify potential civil society partners in adjoining Baluchistan and Afghanistan to work together on regional scale activities on conflict management and peace building. CMDO being the coordination organization of Tribal Network should play a lead role in the future implementation of this program.