Community Network

All CMDO’s program interventions are based on decentralized approach and community empowerment. CMDO provides facilitation for the role of a ‘catalyst’ by organizing communities into ‘institutions of people’, that are broad-based, inclusive and democratic in nature. CMDO’s community networks are representative bodies that are empowered to mobilize and plan resources, resolve conflicts, raise voice for rights that could influence pro-poor policies and development. The community institutions are three-tier structures, beginning with Community Organizations (COs) which are formed at the household/community level. These are thence federated at the village level into Village Organizations (VOs) which are ultimately represented by apex level bodies at the union council and are called the Local Support Organizations (LSOs). The process of collective approach through building community institutions is steady and incremental so that it is contextual and according to the nature of local needs. They are formed to mobilize collective action and enhance social cohesion in communities for meeting common interests.