Climate Change Adaptation

In view of enormous risk associated with climate change, CMDO has planned to introduce a new program on climate change adaptation for FATA/KP. It is recommended that in line with the national climate change strategy of Pakistan, a regional scale climate change strategy and program for its intervened communities in FATA and KP province would be designed and implemented in next 5-year period. The climate change program would aim to work on priority basis with its grass root network on capacity building of small farmers to adopt climate change. Similarly, this program could also work on climate change adaptation in urban and rural settlements of FATA/KP. The program should also undertake fundamentally required policy research and advocacy work to establish a solid foundation for the preparation and integration of mitigation and adaptation plans in the overall development process in FATA/KP. Another important aspect of the program would be to technically facilitate and build the capacity of district/tehsils governments in preparing and implementing adaptation plans for agricultural and livestock sectors in particular and also other inter related development sectors.


Key areas and Key Actions of CMDO’s Climate Change Adaptation Program (2015-2020)

Key Areas Key Actions


Mitigation and Adaptation Reduction in the poverty level and vulnerabilities among the targeted population, changes in the current development policy framework and promotion of ecological based integrated development, establishment of demonstration areas at union council levels
Capacity Building Technical capacity building of local governments

Mobilization, sensitization and organization of local communities to coup with the challenges of climate change

Policy Research, Dialogues & Advocacy Undertake base line policy research & advocacy work on agriculture and livestock sectors in particular and other sectors in general
Reduction of CO2 Emissions Encourage restoration of natural and built environment, promote forestation, protection of ecological system in the targeted region, policy and legislative reforms in concerned development sectors
Technology Transfer Identify and promote new technologies especially low tech intermediate technologies, assist and facilitate in the application of these technologies
Awareness, Education, Linkages & Networking Increase awareness and educate all concerned stakeholders in the targeted districts/agencies, Develop linkages and networking among local communities, district government departments and relevant national/international organizations working on climate change issues