Bajur Agency

Bajur was officially declared an agency of FATA during 1973. Bajaur Agency is the smallest unit of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Geographically, it holds strategic importance for Pakistan and adjoins Malakand Agency on the southeast, Dir District on the northwest, Mohmand Agency on the southwest and Afghanistan on the northwest. The total area of Bajaur Agency is 1,290 square kilometers. It shares 52 KM long border with Afghanistan’s Kunar province in the northwest. As per the census of 1998, Bajaur is home to a population of 595,227 persons that gives it the highest population density.

The terrain of the agency is hilly, rugged, barren, and mostly arid. The total cultivated area of the agency is 75,350 hectares, while the uncultivated area is 53,685 hectares. Land under irrigation is around 14,061 hectares and un-irrigated area is over 54,000 hectares. The total area under forest is 87,169 acres. (Source: FATA Development Statistics 2012). The Bajaur Agency is divided into two sub-divisions namely Khar sub-division and Nawagai sub-division and seven Tehsils. Sub-divisions Tehsils are Khar, Salarzai, Utmanzai, Nawagai, Mamund, Barang and Chamarkand.