Institutional Development

The ID program strategic goal is to contribute in poverty reduction in FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through social mobilization and increased …

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The strategic goal of CMDO’s education program is to contribute in achieving universal primary education in FATA and KP province through enabling environment …

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The strategic goal of CMDO’s health Program is to work on Improving/Enhancing the health status of the marginalized communities and reducing the infant mortality…

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Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI)

The strategic goal of CMDO’s CPI program is to improve living standard and contribute in livelihood enhancement through…

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CMDO’s Livelihood Program activities have been implemented in 236 villages of FATA and KPK provinces which benefited more than 150,000 people …

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disaster m

Disaster Management

The CMDO’s DM program strategic goal is to effectively contribute in emergency and recovery humanitarian operations in FATA and KP …

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Climate Change Adaptation

In view of enormous risk associated with climate change, CMDO has planned to introduce a new program on climate change adaptation for FATA/KP…

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Research & Advocacy

The research and advocacy is primarily a cross cutting theme of CMDO’s integrated development programs for FATA and KP Province…

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CMDO Geographical Coverage in FATA and KPK Province



Community Motivation and Development Organization (CMDO) is a registered non-for-profit, non-partisan national non-governmental organization established in August 1998. During the last 16 years, CMDO has emerged as one of the leading Non-Government Organizations (NGO) in FATA and KP province that deliver both developmental and humanitarian programs in number of sectors. CMDO has a Social Network of more than 3,000 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in 12 KP districts and 7 FATA agencies.

CMDO is consistently working on identifying, prioritizing, and addressing the developmental problems of the poor and marginalized communities of FATA and KP Province. The areas where CMDO intervened are mainly least developed tribal and semi tribal regions where development issues are not adequately addressed in the mainstream plans and policies of Provincial and National Governments. CMDO through its research and demonstrative work were able to develop deeper understanding on multifarious developmental issues of FATA and KP Province. CMDO has implemented more than 65 projects in various parts of FATA and KP province.


A world, free of poverty, where everyone enjoys fundamental rights to lead a life of dignity and honor without discrimination on the basis of creed, race, ethnicity, language, gender and nationality.

Mission Statement

To promote effective partnership among organizations and individuals through dialogues, exchange of views, resources and experiences sharing, and efforts to build common perspective for eradication of poverty and human sufferings.

  • To strengthen and promote participatory ecological based integrated development process
  • To undertake humanitarian relief and recovery operations in emergencies related to natural disasters and violent conflicts
  • To work on community empowerment, particularly women through capacity building and networking
  • To reduce poverty through livelihood enhancement, skilled trainings, and income generation activities
  • To enhance education/health services and physical infrastructure among poor and marginalized communities
  • To undertake policy research and advocacy activities for strengthening institutional reforms and development processes
  • To promote peace, tolerance, and social harmony in conflict prone communities
  • To protect and conserve natural environments and cultural heritage in the intervention areas
  • Undertaking participatory research at grass root levels
  • Social Mobilization and Organization of marginalized poor communities
  • Promotion of ecological based integrated development among marginalized communities
  • Awareness raising and Sensitization
  • Capacity Building initiatives and Trainings
  • Advocacy campaigns and Lobbying
  • Linkages and Networking activities
  • Knowledge Management and Dissemination
  • Participatory Development
  • Social Inclusion & Equity
  • Gender Mainstreaming
  • Decentralization & Bottom Up Planning
  • Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge and Skills
  • Self Help Initiatives